Fostering in Faith: Malikhi

June 2022 · Fostering in Faith, Ministry News

Quiet and independent, 13-year-old Malikhi spends lots of time alone. He enjoys listening to music, playing board games, and being around animals.

Because of past experiences, Malikhi has some difficulty developing trust with his caregivers. It takes time for him to open up about his feelings. He also struggles with connecting with his peers and maintaining friendships. This is one of the reasons he often spends time alone.

Sometimes, Malikhi misinterprets information given to him and then has a hard time comprehending and processing his emotions. His case team is getting him help with this and with his classes in school.

Malikhi really wants to be accepted and to be part of a family. Yet, he would do best in a home with no other children. He needs adoptive parents committed to helping him successfully cope with his cognitive and developmental needs. He deserves to be part of an understanding family that can provide him with structure, guidance, and unconditional love, so he can heal and grow into a responsible, independent, and happy adult. Please pray that he finds parents able and willing to open their hearts to him.

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