Fostering In Faith Kansas: Kyle

May 2024 · Fostering in Faith

Active and always up for something new, 13-year-old Kyle just wants a permanent home and family.

He loves to play video games and works hard to progress through the various levels. He also enjoys collecting action figures and participating in gym class. Smart and adventurous, Kyle looks for new experiences.

For the most part, Kyle interacts best around adults, although he also gets along well with male peers. He enjoys joking around and funny television shows.

Through counseling and a stable environment, Kyle has made good progress on dealing with his trauma. He also performs well in school with the proper assistance. He would do best with an active family that enjoys outdoor activities. He thrives within a home environment that is structured and loving. Family functions and holidays are especially important to Kyle.

Please pray that Kyle finds the family he needs to heal, thrive, and grow into the fulfilling life he deserves.

Download the Prayer and Fostering Details for Kyle (PDF)