Fostering in Faith: Keziah

February 2021 · Fostering in Faith

Determined and independent, 5-year-old Keziah is already adept at handling whatever life throws at her. Once she sets her mind on something, she proceeds full steam ahead.

Mature for her age, Keziah is a faster learner who loves school, playing on her tablet, and spending time outdoors. She also likes basketball, gymnastics, and swimming. She currently participates in individual therapy and has excelled in her school’s therapeutic summer program.

Despite her toughness, Keziah is a child who requires structure, stability, and love. She needs a forever family firmly committed to providing her with a permanent home and continued well-being. She struggles with change, so she’ll need understanding and patient parents willing to put in the time and energy to ensure she can make a succesful transition to her new family.

The best fit for Keziah would be a two-parent family, with no other children, or with children who are significantly older than she. She would thrive in a stable home with patient parents and lots of structure. Please pray that Keziah find the forever family she needs to support and nurture her independence and determined spirit.

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