Fostering in Faith: Ja’Cori

October 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Happy and healthy, 11-year-old Ja’Cori sometimes struggles with feeling alone. Placed in care due to abandonment and neglect issues, he can understandably act guarded about trusting others. Yet, he does well with structure, routine, and one-on-one attention from adults.

An active child, Ja’Cori enjoys playing basketball and riding his bicycle. He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he hasn’t ruled out playing for the NBA. He also likes to play video games and the card game “Uno” with others.

Overall, Ja’Cori is a polite, quiet child who likes to help out and please others. His biological siblings are no longer in care, and he is not having sibling visits. So, he needs a family.

Ja’Cori has spent most of his short life with his single birth mother or his grandmother. He hasn’t made any specific mention about what he hopes for in a forever family, but he does get along well with other children. Also, he’s never had a solid male or father figure in his life, so he would most likely thrive in a family with a dad or older brother as a role model.

Please pray that God will send Ja’Cori a loving family to guide him, nurture him, and make him one of their own.

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