Fostering in Faith: Ian

June 2023 · Fostering in Faith

Energetic and funny, 10-year-old Ian loves to play outdoors, swim, play video games, watch movies, and play football. He has lots of energy, so he does well in organized extracurricular activities.

A fifth-grade student, Ian is academically on schedule. He also has been in a stable foster home for a year and continues to do well there.

Ian needs adoptive parents that can advocate for his needs and that understand how his trauma affects him. He does best with a strong, supportive role model and would benefit greatly from an involved father figure who really cares about him.

A forever family that offers lots of structure and that has experience with teen boys could provide just the environment Ian needs.  Mostly, Ian needs a family comfortable with addressing conflict in a positive manner and who will be patient as he learns to trust.

Please pray that Ian will find the family he needs to heal, grow, and thrive. He deserves a place to belong, a family to call his own, and a future filled with hope and love.

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