Fostering in Faith: Gregory

Like most boys his age, Gregory, 10, likes to play outdoors – climbing trees and collecting bugs. He also enjoys playing with toy cars and building with Legos.

Kind-hearted and caring, Gregory likes to help out and be “part of the team.” Although he struggles with some of his emotions, he has learned coping skills that help him manage them well.

He has a strong bond with his two sisters, but they will be adopted into a different home. He will need a family that can ensure he and the girls maintain their connection with each other.

Gregory hasn’t expressed a preference for the type of family he’d like – he just wants a place to call home and where he will be loved. He needs a forever family that can provide him with the care, kindness, and love that he is so eager to share with them. He needs patient parents that will help him feel included and a welcome member of the family.

Please pray that Gregory finds loving parents and siblings, where he can mature, heal, and grow into his fullest potential. Pray that he finds a place to belong.

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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