Fostering in Faith: Fostering Update, September 2020

September 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Periodically, we send updates on children previously featured in Fostering in Faith. We ask for your continued prayers for those who have found their forever family and for those still waiting.

Due to Fernanda’s medical needs, her case team’s top priority has been to make sure she stays healthy during this uncertain time. She has, however, been matched with a few families that hope to provide for her. She will soon be transitioning into a foster home.


Carlie is still waiting patiently for a forever family.


Several families have come forward with a desire to adopt Hailey, Aerial, and Kay, and we hope to make a selection soon that will provide the best possible family for them.


Siblings Antonio, Miguel, Franny, and Beverly, have been placed with a family interested in adopting them, where they are receiving lots of love.


A few families have expressed an interest in adopting Aiden and Trystan, and Saint Francis will soon conduct a Best Interest Staffing to determine the best match for these boys.