Fostering in Faith: David

September 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Interesting, soft-spoken, and smart, 12-year-old David loves the outdoors, but he also enjoys playing video games, especially Minecraft. He wants to be a game developer when he grows up.

Although he performs well in all his classes, his favorite subject is art. In fact, David is an exceptional artist and especially creative.

David is generally helpful and responsible, but he needs a home with structure. Any family that adopts him should understand trauma and how to help him navigate it. He would also need to keep seeing a therapist reguarly.

David would prefer to live in an urban area near his birth family so he could see them when he turns 18. He would be happy with or without adoptive siblings. He would function best within a two-parent family, able to care for him with understanding, patience, and generosity of spirit. He needs parents who can provide gentle discipline and a sense of structure.

Please pray that David finds a family to help him heal and find hope and fullness in life.