Fostering in Faith: Chloe

September 2020 · Fostering in Faith

Big-hearted Chloe, 12, doesn’t like to see anyone sad and will nearly always try to cheer them up. Spirited yet shy, it may take a while for her to adjust to new surroundings – but once she does, everyone around her gets to see just how warm and funny she can be.

Chloe loves to dance and can often be found in her bedroom moving to the music. She also gets along with her sixth grade peers and performs well academically.

Chloe has two biological brothers with whom she stays in touch through phone calls. If adopted, she hopes to maintain that connection to her siblings.

Since both her brothers live in Kansas, she would like to remain in the state. Chloe would thrive in either a one- or two-parent home and gets along well with adoptive siblings that are her age or younger. She loves cats and dogs, too.

Chloe needs attentive and supportive parents who understand that she’s had a difficult life and that she still struggles with a few issues as a result. Yet, there’s no reason to think that she couldn’t grow into a happy and confident young woman. She just needs a place to belong and a family to love her unconditionally.