Fostering in Faith: Taven

November 2017 · Fostering in Faith

Affectionate and loving, 6-year-old Taven likes to have his head tickled. He’s also an active boy who enjoys swimming, swinging on a swing set, and playing outdoors. Indoors, his favorite activity is watching “Baby Einstein” on television.

With proper guidance and support, Taven handles himself well in social situations, and he seems to derive comfort from carrying a small toy or object around in his hand. He also thrives on structure and routine and loves to help out around the house. He’s happy to take his plate to the sink after eating or to help pick up his toys. He also likes school and especially enjoys riding the bus.

Taven has two siblings, but does not know or have contact with them. He does, however, have a grandmother who would appreciate remaining in touch if he is adopted.

Taven needs parents willing to make a lifelong commitment because he is not expected to ever live independently. He would do best with a room to himself, in a small family without animals (he tends to let them outside when they’re not supposed to be). Taven needs parents willing to take the time to build a strong relationship with him. He needs a structured, active family that will make  him one of their own, love him unconditionally, and value him as a child of God.

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