Fostering in Faith: Kaden

Full of energy, fun-loving Kaden, 7, is constantly in motion. Like most young boys, he prefers to be outside, riding his bicycle and playing with friends.

Funny, with a great sense of humor, Kaden likes to joke, which makes him a hoot to be around. He’s also sweet-natured and honest. In fact, Kaden is so honest that he’ll tell the truth even if it gets him in trouble. He also feels remorse if he does something wrong.

Kaden has a younger brother, Keagan, who lives in a separate foster home. They see each other twice a month and care deeply for each other. The best family for Kaden would be one that allows him to maintain contact with his little brother.

Kaden hasn’t expressed a preference for a particular type of family. He justs wants a Mom and Dad. And, perhaps, a pet. Since he’s so active, Kaden would do best where he has lots of space to move around. That’s why a two-parent home with pets in a rural area close to Wichita (where his brother lives) would be ideal for him.

Mostly, Kaden just needs a patient family that will accommodate and appreciate his energy level. He needs a structured environment in which he is loved and encouraged to be himself. Any family that adopts Kaden will receive a joyful, loving addition addition to their home.

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Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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