Fostering in Faith: Jozalonn

August 2019 · Fostering in Faith

Active, athletic, and sociable, 14-year-old Jozalonn enjoys any activity associated with sports, especially volleyball, basketball, softball, and swimming. Like any teen, she also likes to watch YouTube videos and play on her cell phone.Jozalonn also performs well in school, although she struggles sometimes with math. Occasional encouragement, especially from a strong adult female, can generally keep her on track. She hopes to join the U.S. Air Force someday and become an aircraft mechanic.

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Fostering in Faith: Tayton

July 2019 · Fostering in Faith

In the two years Tayton has been in foster care, he has already made many friends. That’s because he’s naturally charismatic, energetic, and playful. Like any 5-year-old boy, he can be rambunctious, especially when playing with other kids his age. Yet, Tayton can generally make a friend out of anybody. For fun, he likes to play with Pokeman cards and Legos. He also enjoys spending time outside, either swimming or hanging around the monkey bars. He likes dogs, too, especially when it comes to cuddling on the couch.

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