Today we wear blue

You might be seeing lots of blue today as Saint Francis staff and many of our community friends and partners dress to raise awareness about child abuse prevention.

This month marks the 35th anniversary of the first Child Abuse Prevention Month, and today is Wear Blue Day, just one of the ways we try to shed light on the many every day actions we can all take to help prevent child abuse.

According to Prevent Child Abuse America, most Americans are already involved in prevention by mentoring children or parents (70 percent), donating to an organization that serves children (80 percent) or advocating for children and families (77 percent).


They don’t realize, though, that these are actually activities that help prevent child abuse. Yet, each one plays an important role in providing for the protection and safety of children.

You can help ensure children are protected, nurtured, and healed today by visiting The Saint Francis Foundation to learn about Saint Francis’s many programs and services dedicated to the health and well-being of children and families.

You can also learn more about Child Abuse Prevention Month by visiting here.

Picture of Beth Cormack
Beth Cormack

Beth is the project manager for the Saint Francis Ministries Marketing and Communications team.

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