SFM teams with Scheels for ‘Shop with a Cop’

Saint Francis Ministries partnered with Scheels® Wichita last month to give several youth in foster care a special Christmas. As part of the “Shop with a Cop” event, Scheels gave 10 pre-selected teens a $500 gift card which they used to shop before the store opened on December 10. Each teen was also teamed with a law enforcement officer during their shopping spree.

“It is our hope to make these children feel special, loved, and to create a positive bond between them and our police community,” said Tasha McKeever, Scheels community relations.

Since youth in foster most often encounter police during difficult times in their lives, it was hoped that by partnering with an officer, they could begin to build more positive connections with law enforcement.

Each teen also invited their foster parents and siblings to enjoy treats and spend time in the gaming areas of the store, bowling and playing video games.

“Saint Francis is so thankful for community sponsors like Scheels,” said Shaynna Brown, a development officer with the Saint Francis Foundation. “Children in foster care often feel like they don’t fully belong to any one family or community, so community-based events can have a profoundly positive impact by helping them feel supported and loved in several ways. Events, like “Shop with a Cop” provide foster children with an opportunity to connect with others who share their experiences and can help combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.”

Since Scheels opened their Wichita store in July 2023, the sporting goods store has made a point to collaborate with local community organizations, including Saint Francis. This is good news for both the city of Wichita and the children and families we serve. The Saint Francis Foundation hopes for a long-term relationship with Scheels so, together, we can continue to bring healing and hope to children and families.

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Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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