Saint Francis Celebrates and Honors Families

September 2018 · Ministry News
About 220 foster and kinship families from across the state traveled to Hutchinson Saturday to spend a free family day at the Kansas State Fair and to be honored for the work they do on behalf of children.

Inaugurated six years ago, Saint Francis’ annual Resource Parent Appreciation Day gives families a day at the Fair, so they can relax and have fun without worrying about the cost. Saint Francis gives foster and kinship parents a free t-shirt, pays for their family’s admission and provides a free BBQ meal catered by Hog Wild. Saturday, we fed 1,100 people.

Why do we do this? Because being a foster or kinship parent is hard work. Rewarding, but challenging.

That’s why nearly 100 Saint Francis staff volunteer every year to help ensure the event’s success. Our social workers and support staff witness firsthand the sacrifice and love resource parents bring foster parenting.

They see lives changed all the time.

Every day, foster parents shuttle children to doctor appointments, parental visitations, and school events. Every day, foster parents make time to listen, console, nurture, and teach a child. Every day, foster parents provide safe, secure spaces so children can heal, grow, and find hope again.

We want foster and kinship parents to know that their hard work, dedication, and commitment to children don’t go unnoticed. They deserve to be celebrated.

That’s why we do it.

How about you? Want to be a foster parent? Go here to learn more.

Next year, let us celebrate you.