Our CEO on Employee Appreciation Day

March 2024 · Organization News

Welcome to the month of March. The third month of the year brings Springtime, usually a bit of rain, March Madness, and a special period of time where we pause to thank those who make our organization such a special place. As we begin the month of March, just a quick note to personally say “Thank you,” to each and every member of our Saint Francis Ministries team – for all that you do for children, families, and Saint Francis. Your efforts make a difference!

I cannot say enough how much I appreciate our employees’ commitment and dedication to Saint Francis and those that we serve. Through their efforts, Saint Francis is truly making a positive, enduring impact in our world. Serving others is a noble cause and calling, one that truly matters. So to our excellent staff – be proud of what you do; be proud of the care and concern you show for others. In a world that can be somewhat challenging at times, you stand as a beacon of light to those who are in need.

I am grateful to be counted among you as a team member. We are truly blessed to have such caring people on our team, team members who as a matter of course look out for others. My sincerest gratitude and best wishes go out to each one of you, not just during the month of March, but each and every day. Thank you for giving children and families a chance at a better tomorrow.

Simply put – you matter, and I am thankful.

William Clark is President and CEO of Saint Francis Ministries