Family Preservation

Family Preservation in Nebraska

We provide this service throughout the state of Nebraska. Our goal is to keep children in the home through in-home family therapy and the services of a skill builder that helps develop new skills. We also provide services for children and families who need extra coaching and support in their parenting skills.

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Offering Hope to Families in Crisis

Saint Francis, in collaboration with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, offers a comprehensive support system for families in crisis. Each family’s journey with Saint Francis begins with a personalized assessment to understand their unique needs. This crucial step helps in identifying the family’s specific priorities, concerns, and characteristics, ensuring that the support provided is tailored to keep children safely in their homes.

Upon successful referral, Saint Francis assigns each family a specialized Preservation Team, comprising a therapist and a family skill builder. This team plays a pivotal role in guiding the family through their challenges. To enhance the support system, families are also provided with:

  • Direct contact information to reach their Preservation Team 24/7.
  • A commitment to 15-minute response times, ensuring prompt assistance whenever needed.
  • Access to local offices for in-person meetings with Saint Francis staff, fostering a closer, more personal connection.

Family Centered Treatment®

Family Centered Treatment® is an integral part of our family preservation program that keeps families together by helping them develop the solutions and skills they need to reduce risks in everyday situations.

We partner with families to identify and build upon their existing strengths so they can provide for the health and security of their children.

Family Centered Treatment® enables clinicians to directly observe families where members are most comfortable – at home. Interacting with family members within their “natural” setting makes it possible to directly intervene in unhealthy behaviors and to immediately reinforce positive, healthy life choices.

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The guarantees are how we manifest the Pillars of Family Centered Treatment®

  1. I promise that I will respect and care about your family enough to give you direct and honest feedback.
  2. Likewise, I will ask you for direct and honest feedback.
  3. When I make a mistake, I will acknowledge it, take responsibility, and make it right.
  4. You are the expert on your family.
  5. I promise to ask your permission prior to performing any activity with your child.
  6. I promise to include you in any contacts that I have with other agencies involved with your family.
  7. Learn More by visiting the Family Centered Treatment website.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Family Preservation in Nebraska provides in-home family therapy and skill-building services throughout the state. These services are designed to keep children in their homes, offering support and coaching to families and children in need of additional parenting skills.

Families are referred to our program by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Each referral starts with a thorough assessment to understand the unique priorities, concerns, and characteristics of the family, helping us tailor our support effectively.

Upon referral, families are assigned a therapist and a family skill builder, forming their Preservation Team. This team is responsible for providing continuous support, including 24/7 contact availability and a guaranteed 15-minute response time from Saint Francis.

Reach Out Today

For any inquiries or information about our family preservation program, please feel free to get in touch. Our phone lines are always available, connecting you directly with our experienced staff. Families engaged with our services can access their Preservation Team 24/7, ensuring continuous support.

We’re committed to offering supportive and responsive services to families all across Nebraska.

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