Offering Hope to Families in Crisis

Families are referred to Saint Francis by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Every referral begins with an assessment that:

  • Identifies priorities, concerns, and characteristics unique to the family.
  • Helps Saint Francis identify supports that can keep children in the home.

How It Works

Upon referral, each family is assigned a therapist and a family skill builder. This is the Preservation Team.

In addition, families are provided:

  • Contact information and a phone number where they can reach their Preservation Team 24 hours a day.
  • 15-minute response times from Saint Francis.
  • Local offices where they can meet in person with Saint Francis staff


Family Centered Treatment®

Family Centered Treatment® keeps families together by helping them develop the solutions and skills they need to reduce risks in everyday situations.

We partner with families to identify and build upon their existing strengths so they can provide for the health and security of their children.

Family Centered Treatment® enables clinicians to directly observe families where members are most comfortable – at home. Interacting with family members within their “natural” setting makes it possible to directly intervene in unhealthy behaviors and to immediately reinforce positive, healthy life choices.


The guarantees are how we manifest the Pillars of Family Centered Treatment®

1. I promise that I will care and respect your family enough to give you direct and honest feedback.

2. Likewise, I will ask you for direct and honest feedback.

3. When I make a mistake, I will acknowledge it, take responsibility for it and make it right.

4. You are the expert on your family.

5. I promise to ask your permission first to do any activity with your child.

6. I promise to include you in any contacts that I have with other agencies involved with your family.