Easter 2022

April 2022 · Forward in Hope

“Do not be afraid; I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has been raised, as he said.” Matthew 28: 5-6.

I find it interesting that in each of the four Gospels, followers of Jesus are told in one way or another to fear not, that they have no reason to feel afraid or alarmed. They quickly learn that all is well … that all has been made new.

Welcome to this inaugural post on our new blog. We thought it appropriate to begin this conversation on Easter Sunday, a day rich in meaning, heralding redemption, renewal, and hope.

Those three words are especially familiar to Saint Francis employees because we deal with them every day. One might even say that redemption and renewal form the foundation of our work. And hope is the mortar with which we secure them.

We work to strengthen families, so children’s lives are made better.

We can’t do that without holding a deep and abiding conviction in the power of hope to redeem and renew. Every child placed in a foster or kinship home or adopted, taught to care for themselves in independent living, healed of trauma through therapeutic residential care, or finding new confidence in their worth and talents, represents redemption through hope. Every parent who kicks an addiction, learns to manage their anger, or acquires better parenting skills, represents a family made whole and renewed through hope.

That’s why we often call this work God’s work – because it makes all things new for children and families who once feared they might never find their way free of pain, loss, and trauma.

We tell them, “Fear not, there is a way forward. And we will walk alongside you.”

In subsequent posts, we hope to share with you just how much hope – supported by evidence-based programs, therapies, and services – can heal and change lives.

Our own hope for this blog is that it will edify, entertain, and inspire you. So, please, make sure to return each week to see what we have to offer.

Until then, all of us here at Saint Francis Ministries wish you a blessed and fearless Easter season.