Christmas for Kids – Every child deserves a special Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you? For many of us, it’s about family … and home.

After all, that’s what Christmas is really about, isn’t it?  A child, a family, a safe place to lay our heads?

Of course, Christmas is also about hope … for a better world, in which all of God’s children are protected and nurtured.

Unfortunately, for many children who eventually end up in foster care, this kind of Christmas feels unfamiliar. More often, Christmas for them means anxiety, distress, and want.

And for those living safely in a foster home, Christmas means separation from their birth family and a holiday spent in unfamiliar surroundings.

After more than 77 years of service to children and families, Saint Francis still restores broken families and helps children heal from trauma, abuse, and neglect. Our work is a ministry of hope, bringing wholeness and new life back to those who need it most – through foster care, adoption, residential treatment, and other programs.

That’s why Christmas for Kids is such a big deal.

Thousands of children will spend the holidays in our care, separated from siblings and parents. For them, Christmas simply serves as a reminder they are away from home.

And every child deserves to feel at home. Every child deserves a special Christmas.

That’s why every Saint Francis employee, foster parent, and community partner takes Christmas for Kids so seriously … because it’s seriously important.

Simply put, Christmas for Kids ensures that every child in Saint Francis foster care receives a gift under the tree this year … it reminds them that they are loved and remembered, even during this challenging time in their lives.

Yet, Christmas for Kids only happens because we have such wonderful donors and community partners. Their generosity and compassion for kids in our care ensures the program’s success.

We’re busy now purchasing and collecting toys for children, and we could use your help.

Please consider making a gift today so we can get it into the hands of a child by Christmas.

Learn how here.

Picture of Shane Schneider
Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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