Saint Francis Ministries Capacity Building

Saint Francis Ministries in Texas has opportunities to look at innovative ways to ensure we are creating much-needed capacity in the Panhandle.


Capacity Building – Purpose

The purpose of capacity-building funding is to increase capacity in Region 01 to help create an environment where children and families will be successful in their communities. Saint Francis has created a Capacity Building Plan in partnership with current SSCCs and a Regional plan focused on achieving the following outcomes:

    • 10% increase in placement stability for children
    • 50% increase in Treatment Foster Care(TFC) Capacity in Region 1
    • 15% increase in stabilization of kinship placements
    • 25% increase in in-region placements for children
    • 5% increase in placements of children in their communities

Based on legislative language the funding needs to meet the below criteria for request:

    • Supplemental payments to retain providers and increase provider capacity.
    • Targeted foster care capacity grants across this state to address the existing foster care capacity shortage.
    • The grants should focus on:
      • Region 01
      • Serving children with the highest level of need
      • Expanding certain types of placements and bringing new providers and capacity online
      • Promoting long-term viability of child placements

Saint Francis has elected to look at various funding streams as indicated in the Capacity Building Plan.

Saint Francis Ministries SSCC Capacity Building Application