Is there room in your year?

It’s January 12, and if you’re still keeping up with all those New Year’s resolutions you made nearly two weeks ago, congratulations – you’re a step ahead of most of us.

There’s something about fresh starts and clean slates that makes us want to reset and try again – which just goes to show that, deep down, we all want to be better people. Whether that means we hope to be healthier, smarter, or kinder, we all look towards a better version of ourselves.

Yet, as all those lapsed resolutions indicate, effecting lasting change is harder than it seems. Maybe because we set ourselves up by reaching for too much all at once. It doesn’t take a lot to make small changes in our lives, and those small changes can eventually add up to bigger ones.

It’s the same with changing the world. Too often, we think we must accomplish great feats of self-sacrifice and heroism to make a difference in our communities and in the lives of others. Really, though, it’s the small things that matter most – performing daily acts of attention and kindness on behalf of others.

Take, for instance, Saint Francis Ministries. We couldn’t accomplish much without the friendship and support of donors, community partners, and foster, kinship, and adoptive families. Yet they make a world of difference in the lives of struggling children and families. Alone, our impact would be minimal. Together, we change the world – one child’s life at a time.

It’s 2024, and we’ll soon be another year older. Time is running out to make the world better. Is there room in your year to give, to volunteer, to foster? Any donation helps Saint Francis provide life-affirming programs and services to children and families who need them. Nor does it take much to foster – just a warm heart and an open home – even if it’s just providing respite care so full-time foster parents can enjoy a night out.

If there’s room in your 2024 to make a small difference in the life of a child, visit or explore our foster care page.

Picture of Shane Schneider
Shane Schneider

Shane is the Editorial Content Manager for the Marketing and Communications Department at Saint Francis Ministries.

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