Additional Resources

Resources to make this time more rewarding and less stressful!

Additional Resources

Resources to make this time more rewarding and less stressful!


With so many families being affected, we went out and searched for additional resources for you, your family, and friends. From learning at home tips to ideas for expanding your horizons while in seclusion, we’re hoping some of these resources will help make this time more rewarding and less stressful.


Learning at Home

Expert advice on how to help your quarantined kids learn (without driving you crazy)

Helping Kids Learn

A great list of websites to use for learning at home:

Learning at Home Sites

A great resource for worksheets for Pre-K through 5th grade:


Teaching at home? Becker’s School Supplies has great home teaching tools.

Home Teaching Tools

When virtual school is done for the day and you want to get “crafty” check out their educational Activities & Crafts page.

Activities and Crafts
father and child

Online Fun

Take a virtual trip to the zoo! The animals (and, maybe mostly, their caretakers) miss you, too! “Visit” the hippos at the Cincinnati Zoo or the penguins at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Pay attention…there will be a quiz!

Take a Virtual Trip to the Zoo!

When you need a break from the kids, here are a few fun websites for them to explore. Broken down by age-appropriate content, you’ll find everything from Dora the Explorer to engineering games and apps. The kids will be transfixed and you can steal a moment to…let’s be honest, sit in silence.

Ways to Explore

For older kids, and parents, if you don’t know what Steam is, now is the time to find out. An online platform for game lovers, this is definitely worth exploring. Interactive games where everyone uses their phone to compete provide hours of fun for all ages. Connect with out-of-town friends and family to play Monopoly, Risk, or your favorite card game. Note: download required, content is not always free.

Interactive Games


Rainy day activities translate to global pandemic quarantine activities, for the most part. You may want to skip the trip to the library, but who doesn’t want to build a fort or set up an indoor obstacle course?

Rainy Day Activities

More than just toilet paper, check out these board game suggestions, both family friendly and adult versions, as well as fun and easy crafts. You may need some supplies, so plan for these activities:

Family Board Games Board Game Quest The Spruce Crafts

This website offers tips for managing all this together time with your kids and ideas for filling the time productively. Set a routine to maintain control, this site links to age-appropriate schedules to make it easy.

Survival Guide for Parents

Personal Growth and Staying Sane

Thank goodness for internet access! Get on Skype and talk to your mother, or connect with your best friend! But walk away from that screen every now and then, too; jigsaw puzzles, a private wine tasting, or what about an indoor scavenger hunt?

100 Things to Do!

Here are a few creative ways to fight boredom, for all personality types. Have fun, organize, or take a nice, long bubble bath– from cleaning out the ‘fridge to discovering a new favorite podcast, this site has 55 ideas to win the battle with boredom!

What to do when Bored How to Stay Sane

Take time out and let Dolly help! Dolly Parton Reads bedtime stories to your kids:

Dolly Parton Reading Bedtime Stories

Need to get out the wiggles or have a stretch? Keep your whole family active and fit with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s 31 Day Exercise Challenge:

31 Day Exercise Challenge

Mealtimes seem to creep up out of nowhere; why not get your kids involved? You can search for kid-friendly favorites and comfort foods on the recipe page.

Kid-Friendly Meals