Texas Capacity Building

Enhancing Community Support in Texas

Saint Francis Ministries is leading a capacity building initiative in the Texas Panhandle, focusing on enhancing services for children and families. With innovative strategies and a commitment to community partnership, the project aims to improve placement stability and increase Treatment Foster Care (TFC) capacity. Discover the impact and how to contribute by downloading the Capacity Building Plan.

A man wearing glasses, a black hat, and casual clothes sits on the ground leaning against a hay bale, holding a rope. Beside him, a child in a straw hat, checked shirt, and jeans also sits, partially hiding their face with the hat. Both are in a harvested field.

Our Goals

The purpose of capacity-building funding is to increase capacity in Region 01 to help create an environment where children and families will be successful in their communities. Saint Francis has created a Capacity Building Plan in partnership with current SSCCs and a Regional plan focused on achieving the following outcomes:

  • 10% increase in placement stability for children
  • 50% increase in Treatment Foster Care (TFC) Capacity in Region 1
  • 15% increase in stabilization of kinship placements
  • 25% increase in in-region placements for children
  • 5% increase in placements of children in their communities

Based on legislative language the funding needs to meet the below criteria for request:

  • Supplemental payments to retain providers and increase provider capacity.
  • Targeted foster care capacity grants across this state to address the existing foster care capacity shortage.
  • The grants should focus on:
    • Region 01
    • Serving children with the highest level of need
    • Expanding certain types of placements and bringing new providers and capacity online
    • Promoting long-term viability of child placements
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