Two smiling individuals are standing indoors in front of an ornate wall decoration. One wears glasses and a red shirt with an elephant emblem, while the other wears a black shirt. Both have curly hair and are looking at the camera.

Fostering In Faith: Bev and Frannie

Bubbly, smart, and sweet, sisters Bev, 12, and Frannie, 13, both love sports and science because they’re athletic and enjoy challenges. Typical (pre)teen girls, they also enjoy other activities like

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A young boy with short blond hair and glasses stands against a railing outdoors. He is smiling slightly and wearing a light blue polo shirt. The background includes a blurry natural setting with rocks and greenery.

Fostering in Faith: Joshua

Joshua’s passion is art and anything having to do with superheroes. The 7-year-old keeps busy and engaged through his art and craft projects and enjoys hanging his artwork in his

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