Strategic Pillars

The image shows a blue triangle with a white circle near the top. Inside the circle, there is an abstract design resembling a stylized envelope and an arrow pointing to the right. A white horizontal line runs across the base of the triangle.
A yellow vertical rectangle with the word "Access" written in black text rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. The top and bottom ends of the rectangle are wider than the middle section, forming a hexagonal shape overall.
A vertical yellow banner with the word "Performance" written in black letters from bottom to top. The banner has two trapezoidal shapes at the top and bottom, pointing outward.
A vertical yellow rectangle with a trapezoid shape on the top and bottom. The word "Culture" is written in black capital letters, oriented vertically along the length of the rectangle.
A yellow vertical banner featuring the word "Stewardship" written in black text in the center. The top and bottom ends are trapezoidal, with the broader areas at the ends tapering toward the middle.
The image displays text in blue capital letters that reads: "A VISUAL VOYAGE WITH VINCENT" in the top line, "VINCENT, MASTERS OF ANIMATION" in the middle line, and "VINCENT X JIM" in the bottom line.
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