Goals for 2031

Goal One: Access

Open doors to assist as many children, families, and communities as possible.

Saint Francis Ministries provides unwavering support to children and families in crisis, helping them forge a brighter future. We meet clients where they are, creating easy access to our services and the services of our community partners.

Recognizing the rapidly evolving cultural landscape, we are dedicated to crafting innovative and client-centered approaches to meeting their needs. This includes a steadfast focus on equity and inclusion, advocating for systemic changes and fostering partnerships that strengthen the fabric of the child welfare system.

We are dedicated to providing the right service to the right children where they need it. Through innovation, strategic decision-making, and advocacy efforts, we aspire to open more doors and extend our reach to serve a broader community, ensuring that no one is left behind.

We want to help children and families thrive, not just survive.

The work we will do:

  • Strategically expand access to services.
  • Innovate service delivery to maximize ease and availability.
  • Cultivate relationships to further advocacy to transform the child welfare system.

We are there when:

  • We address what children need and what families want within hours and days, not weeks and months.
  • Our approach goes beyond just finding the right door; access to support from Saint Francis and our community partners is easy to find and effortless to utilize.

Goal Two: Performance

Provide unparalleled, equitable, and compassionate care.

Saint Francis Ministries is committed to ensuring that our care meets the diverse needs of all individuals and communities we serve. We value the unique perspectives and contributions of each team member. We foster a culture where diversity of thought and experience is celebrated, empowering team members to contribute their talents and ideas to problem-solving and decision-making.

We invest in each team member to expand their expertise, ensuring they are equipped to address the ever-changing needs of our communities. Access to leading-edge, evidence-based practices positions our team members at the forefront of their fields, enabling us to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families.

We place an emphasis on equity and compassion, infusing these values into every facet of our work. Mindful of cultural responsiveness, we are dedicated to eliminating disparities and promoting an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and included.

We encourage experimentation and learning, allowing us to offer hope and healing within our communities while continuously striving for improvement.

The work we will do:

  • Invest in each team member to grow their expertise.
  • Deliver leading-edge, evidence-based practices.
  • Create an empowering environment that fosters innovation.

We are there when:

  • Individuals we serve experience improved lives.
  • Each team member is equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and skills and innovative problem-solving positioning them at the forefront of their field.

Goal Three: Culture

Embody the examples of Jesus by living out our enduring values.

Our core values are rooted in the call of Jesus Christ to enrich the lives of others. At Saint Francis Ministries, our special focus is children and families.

Those values serve as the foundation upon which we build relationships, make decisions, and deliver services to children and families of all faiths and backgrounds.

A collective spirit of purpose infuses our calling to serve children and families with unwavering dedication. By striving for excellence in all that we do, we maximize our impact and effectiveness.

Integrity compels us to uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and accountability in everything we do. Our deep passion to continuously improve motivates our desire to excel in our programs and services. We treat others with dignity and respect. We value the inherent worth of each person.

Innovation inspires us to think creatively and adapt to evolving needs and challenges, leading to new approaches and solutions. We empower our team members and the communities we serve by nurturing a culture of collaboration, growth, and resilience. Within this supportive environment, children can realize their full potential and families can forge bright futures.

We prioritize humility, allowing us to promote mutual respect and collaboration, fostering stronger connections within our team and with the communities we serve.

We celebrate diversity and the richness it brings to Saint Francis Ministries by practicing culturally compassionate care in all aspects of our work. Our services are accessible and inclusive to everyone. Together, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of those we serve.

In the words of our patron saint, Francis of Assisi, “We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way.”

The work we will do:

  • Embrace humility and respect the gifts of others in everything we do.
  • Celebrate diversity by our practice of culturally compassionate care in our communities.
  • Ignite a collective spirit of purpose and excellence.

We are there when:

  • Humility and respect are integrated into every aspect of our operations, fostering a culture where the gifts and contributions of each person are valued and honored.
  • Our commitment to celebrating diversity is ingrained in our practice of culturally compassionate care, resulting in communities where inclusivity and understanding are the norm. Saint Francis Ministries attracts the very best who wish to work with children and families.
  • We have cultivated a collective spirit of purpose and excellence that permeates every team member’s actions and interactions, creating an environment where high standards and a shared commitment to our mission are inherent.

Goal Four: Stewardship

Ensure financial health and trust for enduring impact.

A robust financial foundation is a cornerstone of our ability to change lives. We surpass conventional practices by cultivating diverse funding streams and actively seeking new opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

We prioritize honesty, transparency, and respect for the dignity of every individual, helping us establish trust with both those we serve and our community partners.

While our clients frequently share their inspiring stories of progress, they are not the only voices of our organization. Every stakeholder becomes an ambassador, reinforcing our reputation for excellence. Our team members nurture relationships with donors, funders, and government agencies.

Volunteers take pride in their association with our innovative initiatives. Local, state, and federal agencies seek out partnerships with us, recognizing our staff and programs for consistently exceeding traditional standards.

Because our services and programs excel, financial health and fund development naturally follow.

The work we will do:

  • Ensure effective oversight and accountability of current and future resources, systems, and processes.
  • Sustain, grow, and diversify opportunities and funding streams.
  • Grow partnerships and engage communities who believe in and support the work of Saint Francis Ministries.

We are there when:

  • Diverse funding streams intrinsically sustain our transformative programs, and our reputation for excellence precedes us in every interaction. Funders routinely seek out Saint Francis Ministries.
  • Stakeholders, from those we serve to government agencies, recognize and champion our unparalleled impact, making us a trusted pillar in our communities.
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