Horses help kids heal

Horses are uniquely adept at “mirroring” human emotions, which makes them ideally suited for working with traumatized children. That’s why they can have such a strong effect on children struggling with life’s challenges. Children in the program get great joy from spending time with the horses.


Our Equine Assisted Therapy Program:

  • Develops character traits including self-awareness and control, patience, empathy, and discipline.
  • Stimulates positive emotions, as well as increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teaches young people how to manage fear and regain and maintain emotional balance.
  • Develops horsemanship skills, thereby teaching problem-solving and improving mental focus, and giving youth a sense of accomplishment.
  • Helps young people develop communication skills and a positive awareness of boundaries, as well as how to set and maintain them.
  • Teaches team building by working with other riders and horses.


You can help children heal through the Equine Assisted Therapy program

You can contribute to our wish list below.

  • $75 will buy a safety helmet
  • $125 will buy riding boots
  • $700 will feed a horse for a year
  • $1,500 will buy a riding saddle
  • $3,500 will buy a therapy horse

Committed to Quality

We never give up on a child. That dedication has earned Saint Francis a solid reputation of success among mental health providers. Our professional partners trust us because they’ve seen the effectiveness of our treatment. Families trust us because we include them in the process. Children trust us because they know we care about them and are committed to helping them every way we can.

Give Big or Small

Your gift can make such a difference. Check out our many ways to help, then choose the one that speaks most to you. There's a life to be uplifted. And you're the one to do it.