A Way to Counter Human Trafficking

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) is a form of human trafficking that preys on the vulnerabilities of youth through the exchange of anything of value for sexual acts. Without restorative intervention, survivors of CSEC often face lives of brokenness, addiction, legal problems, and mental health challenges. Clover House helps replace risk with resiliency by addressing the mental, physical, relational, and spiritual healing necessary for youth to move forward in wholeness and strength.

The Healing Power of Home

We provide a safe, stable, and loving home where girls are free to work on whole-self healing without having to worry about their basic needs.

The Healing Power of Relationship

Healthy, loving relationships are the most powerful protective factor for abuse and trauma survivors. Our program is non-punitive and relationship-based.

The Healing Power of Purpose

At Clover House, girls experience success and purpose through education, life skills development, and programs that include equine therapy, ropes course, gardening, yoga, art, drama therapy, mental health therapy, and substance abuse treatment.

The Healing Power of Faith

We respect and support the spiritual journey of every girl who comes to Clover House. Spiritual exploration and discovery are woven into every aspect of the healing path.

Restoration is an important and necessary process for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. It enables youth to move from victim to victor, survivor to leader.

The Benefits of Clover House Helps Create a New Ending by Replacing…

  • …abusive, exploitative, and neglectful relationships with those that reflect value and dignity.
  • …educational deficits with individualized, supportive educational resources.
  • …low self-esteem with a sense of inner beauty, strength, and worth.
  • …a dangerous and indifferent community with one that teaches, supports, and nurtures.
  • …instability with predictability.
  • …scarcity with abundance.
  • …a future of exploitation with a vision of self-sufficiency, capacity, and hope.

Saint Francis Community Services has a new home for teen girls who are survivors of sexual trafficking. It's called Clover House.

Advocacy. Response. Treatment.

Kansas law requires that law enforcement officials take into police protective custody any child they reasonably suspect to be a victim of trafficking. Once youth are safely in custody, Saint Francis completes an assessment of the child using research-based tools. We work with community partners to identify, treat and advocate for minor trafficking survivors at every stage. Once a child is safely removed from an exploitative situation, we provide therapeutic services and residential, restorative care.

Therapeutic Services

  • Trauma therapy
  • Community-based medical care
  • Substance abuse and treatment
  • Art therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Gardening therapy
  • Medication management
  • Psychiatric residential treatment
  • Restorative residential treatment
  • Specialized human trafficking-response therapists
Each option is designed to help trafficking survivors heal, recover, and grow by:
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Forming healthy relationships
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Understanding and managing emotions
  • Learning how trauma affects daily functioning
  • Developing healthy boundaries
  • Breaking the cycle of exploitative relationships
  • Experiencing love, grace, and hope

Here’s How You Can Help

Your support helps us raise awareness about the risks and realities of human trafficking, advocate for effective public policy, and build a strong mentoring program to support girls on their journey toward healing and restoration.

  • Pray daily for the girls and for those who walk with them.
  • Sign up to participate in our Fostering in Faith program by emailing fosteringinfaith@st-francis.org.
  • Donate new items to the Clover Boutique and the Saint Francis Book Nook at Clover House.
  • Make a financial gift. Your donation will help sustain and grow the program so Clover House continues to help young, vulnerable survivors of commercial sexual exploitation.