• Males 6-18 years old; females 11-18 years
  • Diagnosis that is psychiatric in nature; less restrictive treatment considered inadequate
  • Severe acuity, aggressiveness towards others
  • Danger to self or places self in dangerous situations
  • Demonstrates functional impairment; needs a 24-hour structured program
  • Problem behaviors that are sexual in nature
  • Substance use/abuse
  • For Kansas Medicaid clients - a Kansas PRTF (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility) screen
  • Referral

    Behavioral health professionals, school staff, parents, insurance providers, or other interested parties may refer a child for Psychiatric Residential Treatment. For Kansas children, the local community mental health agency will conduct a screening to determine whether the child should be admitted to a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.

    The process begins when the referring party contacts the Director of Admissions, who will then determine if the child meets inclusion criteria. If so, the Director will initiate admission to the facility. An Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) must be signed by both states for out-of-state applicants prior to admission.

    Refer A Child

    You can refer a child to the residential facility by filling out this form and fax to 785.825.0623:


    During assessment, the treatment staff observes the child’s moods, behavior, thinking, reasoning, memory, and self-expression. They will also ask family members and friends how he/she interacts with other people. Sometimes, the assessment includes blood or urine tests. All the information is used to develop a sound treatment plan to help the child heal.

    Assessments include:

  • Mental Health Assessment by a licensed mental health professional
  • Biophysical Assessment by a licensed mental health professional
  • Nursing/Physical well-being by a registered nurse
  • Physical Exam by a physician
  • Psychological Screen or Evaluation by a licensed psychologist
  • Psychiatric/Medication Management Evaluation by a psychiatrist or Psychiatric APRN
  • Education Evaluation by the Education Coordinator
  • Spirituality Review of Spiritual Needs by the Program Chaplain
  • Independent Living Screen by a Licensed Social Worker
  • Recreation Assessment by the Activity Coordinator
  • When a child and family first arrive at the Residential Treatment Facility, a multidisciplinary team meets with them to:

  • Compile physical/medical, mental/trauma, educational, spiritual, and behavioral histories
  • Identify service needs to develop an individualized treatment plan
  • Identify any further evaluations or assessments needed
  • Make recommendations for treatment and identify discharge needs
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