• Courage!

    September 18, 2023 · Forward in Hope

    One of my favorite podcasters, Roger Bennett, ends most of his shows—which are about the game the rest of the world calls football, but we call soccer—with the exclamation, “Courage!” It was something he started doing during the earliest days of the pandemic, inspired by the way Dan Rather had done so at one point in the 80s and in the 50s how Edward R. Murrow had concluded his broadcasts with “Good night, and good luck.”

    78 Years of Making Room for Youth and Families

    September 8, 2023 · Forward in Hope

    Saint Francis began as a boys’ home in the small Kansas town of Ellsworth, Kansas. Fr. Bob Mize Jr., an Episcopal priest, had seen too many young men get into trouble and then disappear into the criminal justice system. He believed that they – and all of us – deserve a second chance. He believed that there is room in every life for redemption.

    We Depend Upon Each Other’s Toil

    September 4, 2023 · Forward in Hope

    Today, more than 150 million Americans are expected to take to the air and to the highways in anticipation of the Labor Day weekend. That’s about half of the adult population in this country, and it couldn’t happen without other people.