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“Love those kids hard”: Tally family 2021 Saint Francis Kansas Foster Family of the Year

May 2021 · Foster Care / Adoption, Kansas

“It’s better to have loved for a week or even a few days rather than not to have known that love at all.”

And like so many, that’s Kansas foster parent Mandy Tally’s perspective on providing care to youth in need.

She and her husband Lance have supported 23 youth and their families over five years as foster parents with Saint Francis Ministries. They have adopted three youth from foster care as well.

When the pair was first deciding whether to become foster parents, they had doubts and were unsure about it. Ultimately, the couple from Madison told themselves, “You need to do this. Get over yourselves. Stop being selfish. Put these kids first.”

And now, looking back, it was all worth it, Lance said.

“The thing you hear the most is people say, ‘I couldn’t do it, because I’d get too attached,’ “Lance said. “And if somebody is thinking that, then that is the reason why they should do it. Because that means they’re going to love those kids hard no matter how long they’re with them.”

“We’ve been able to be a parent and show love for all of those kids that we would not have been able to if we didn’t foster,” Mandy said. “We would’ve never met any of them.”

Written by Kansas Department of Children and Families