Family Prevention

Family Prevention | Programs and resources to help strengthen and heal

  • Family Services

    Using evidence-based practices, Family Preservation staff members help parents strengthen parenting skills, develop structure within the family, and improve the family’s ability to handle stressors.

    Services include:

    • In-home family therapy
    • Case management
    • Parenting education
    • Early education
    • Financial education
    • 24/7 crisis response
  • Programs

    Our programs are designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to effect lasting, positive change with troubled, at-risk families.

    • Strengthening Families: A 10-lesson Family Skills course for parents and children.
    • Healthy Relationships: This curriculum uses positive child development and parent-child connectedness activities to support healthy relationships and lower the likelihood of teen pregnancy.
    • Seeking Safety: This is a program teaches coping skills to people that have experienced trauma and/or substance abuse.
    • Pregnant Women’s Health: Pregnant Women’s Health uses a gender-specific treatment approach to work with pregnant women who use/abuse substances.
  • Assistance

    Many organizations offer vital assistance throughout our community. Click on the links to find the help you need.

    Phone Number
    DCF Protection Report Center +1 800 922 5330
    United Way: 211 Kansas 211
    Domestic Violence: Kansas Crisis Hotline +1 888 363 2287
    Energy Assistance +1 800 432 0043
    Early Childhood +1 800 203 9462