Saint Francis expands Texas services with new contract

June 2019 · Ministry News

Saint Francis Ministries has been selected to receive a Community-Based Care contract for 41 counties in the state of Texas, the state’s leading child welfare agency announced today.

The contract award was announced this morning by the Department of Family and Protective Services, which highlighted the focus on Community-Based Care that is a new way Texas is working to meet the needs of children, youth and families.

“Saint Francis Ministries is excited to team with DFPS and its stakeholders to expand our partnerships and work in Texas,” said The Very Rev. Robert N. Smith, CEO, president and dean. “We especially are excited to partner on the transition to community-based care, which fits well with our history of providing innovative care and strategies that are individualized to the communities we serve.”

Underlying all of the work that we do, Smith added, is a belief that we must honor the spirit and the resiliency of children and families and that we do not do it alone.

“We are committed to building and nurturing community,” he said.

This is the second expansion of child welfare services to be announced by Saint Francis in the past two weeks. On June 4, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services announced an intent to award a contract to Saint Francis for case management services in two counties there.

In Texas, the shift to Community-Based Care is being made to meet the individual and unique needs of children and families. Within a geographic catchment area, a single contractor (Single Source Continuum Contractor, or SSCC) is responsible for finding foster homes or other living arrangements for children in state care and providing them a full continuum of services, DFPS said.

In 2010, DFPS began expanding the community’s role to meet the challenges of serving children in foster care under Foster Care Redesign. In 2017, the Texas Legislature directed DFPS to expand this model to include both foster care and relative or “kinship” placements, and give the SSCC sole responsibility for case management, rather than sharing that responsibility with DFPS.

Saint Francis is pleased to step into the role of SSCC in Texas with the new contract, which covers Region 1 in the state. The Salina-based nonprofit already is providing foster care services in Texas by providing recruitment, training, certification, and supervision of foster homes in 29 Texas counties.

Learn more about Community-Based Care on the DFPS website. Any questions about Community-Based Care can be emailed to the Community-Based Care mailbox.

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